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Oak Hills Highlanders Sports Camps
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Boys Basketball

  1. If you cannot attend your game, please notify Mike Price [451-5219] at least one day prior to your game so that subs can be called.  Please do not arrange your own sub.
  2. Players must wear their league shirts to each game.  A penalty of one [1] technical will be assessed for each player without a league shirt.
  3. Excessive absences or unsportsmanlike conduct such as fighting, swearing, complaining to officials, etc. will be grounds for removal from games or suspension from the league.
  4. Man to man defense must be played.  No zones.
  5. There will be one [1] timeout per half per team.
  6. If overtime becomes necessary, a two-point sudden death will determine the winner.
  7. Each player will play equal time with automatic subs at given times.  The clock stops during subs.  The scorekeeper will be responsible for calling sub numbers at each break.
  8. Bonus FT’s will be awarded on the 10th foul of each half.  Shooting fouls will still be awarded [2 or 3 FT’s].
  9. The league directors reserve the right to enact any changes which would be in the best interest of the league, an individual or a team.
  10. All other high school basketball rules apply.
  11. Please respect officials in the games.  The officials are high school players and/or coaches.